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Web Application Development

Our approach has always been to develop custom web applications in order to give the client exactly what is needed and nothing else. This involves working with our clients early on in the development phase to help define the project requirements. An Agile methodology is used to flesh out functionality in small chunks while continuously refining the requirements and application. The customer is involved in all aspects of the development which leads to a more successful end result.


Once your web application is developed it needs to be hosted on a web server at a hosting facility (data center) so that it can become accessible to your users and customers around the globe. We host almost all of our client websites and web applications and have been doing so since 1997. Our servers are hosted in a secure, state of the art data center which is monitored 24/7/365. The resulting performance and reliability are excellent and when issues do arise they are addressed immediately and professionally. You can also take comfort in knowing that all application files and databases are backed up continuously.


Before entering the development (coding) phase, it is critical that we have a firm and comprehensive understanding of our client’s business goals and system requirements. A well architected solution will demonstrate peak performance and will pay dividends in the long run via a cleaner, more easily maintained application. We have been developing complex web database applications since 1997 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and “lessons learned” in this area. Architecting a robust solution can be difficult when the customer’s requirements are challenging as different components sometimes need to be integrated. Armed with senior-level development experience we have “seen it all,” and have architected, built, and maintained many sophisticated applications to satisfy some very complex business requirements.


Web applications or dynamic, data-driven websites require custom coding and integration with a back end database. Your database can be viewed as the foundation onto which your web application is built. The database is the integral piece of the web solution and, if not architected correctly, can cause the web application to crumble over time, like the proverbial house of cards. We have the skills necessary to design your relational database in a manner that will most efficiently serve your web application for its entire lifespan. Our database engineers spend the necessary time up front in the development life cycle to help you define your business requirements and entity relationships. By working closely with the customer initially, we are able to architect a database to be a perfect match for your web-based solution.

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation, and allow us to develop a professional web-based solution for your business.